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Why upgrading laptop CPU?

  1. Excellent performance boost.
  2. A lot Cheaper than buying from laptop manufacturer directly.
  3. A lot Cheaper than buying a new laptop.
  4. Easier to replace CPU than you think. A screw driver is enough.

Stuck with an old, slow processor in your laptop? Replace new one can result in an exceptional boost in speed. For example replace a T2300 1.66Ghz duo core with a T7600 2.33Ghz duo core could result over 60% performance boost. This can be the most cost efficient way to upgrade your laptop. And most certainly cheaper than replacing the whole laptop.

Make sure that you buy a CPU that will work with your portable. some laptops have nonreplaceable, soldered-in CPUs.

the best way to proceed is to look at what CPUs have been sold with your laptop over the course of its life span.

1. First find out your laptop Chipset model with CPU –Z free download.


2. you will get eg PM55 chipset. Then find out the CPU models that fit .

3. choose the laptop CPU you want to upgrade and google “ you laptop model” + “CPU model” to double check .

4. if in doubt , ask us for help askmonkey@live.co.uk

Be sure to consult your laptop's service manual (which you should be able to download from the manufacturer's support page) before attempting to open up your machine. Also, make sure to guard your hardware against possible electrostatic discharge by wearing an antistatic wrist strap whenever you handle any internal components.

                                                                    Enjoy your day! any question drop a email to lee@laptopmonkey.co.uk